Here is a design through some of it’s concepts. The last displayed is slightly different as it is the final outcome to machine embroidery, where first time I noticed some of the details couldn’t be picked up by the program so had to go back and exaggerate colours and sizes for them to be better seen by the computer.
This was all designed to be combined into a book cover for the Student Penguin Design Awards 2019, where we are breifed to create a book cover for the childrens book ‘Wonder’, by R.J.Palacio. The brief asks for the design to relate to the target audience but also attract as wide an audience outside of that as well. That is why I wanted to use embroidery as part of my design as I find this gives the design more depth, as the concept is whimsical and the colours childish, the embroidery adds a more mature look to the overall design.

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