Warning: This project is revolved around mental health awareness. 
Contents include: depressive thoughts and imagery, body dysmorphia, dissociation, discussions of anxiety and depression.

This series was a strain for me to work on at times as it may seem like mindless designs to some or aesthetically pleasing to others, but to me it is a symbol of struggles from my own life. The want to colour this dark subject the way I did was another form of symbolism, about a website I used a lot in high school, Tumblr. This site heavily romanticised and normalised depression, the images were amateur photography the majority of the time and could display graphic content and more. This site had a lasting affect on how I dealt with my emotions, how i avoided help for my depression because not only did I see it as normal, but I saw it as desirable. I talk about all the issues in this and more in a blog post if you are interested in my thoughts on what i have touched on here. [blog]

For help with depressive feelings please click here
If you are feeling helpless here is a 24 hour line that i hope helps you: 116 123 

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